Withdraw Money from your qks Account

    If you are sure not to work with quarkscm distribution,the balance of your account can be withdrawn.

    We have two ways to transfer,bank transfer and alipay transfer. Finally, it will be transferred to your account in RMB according to the exchange rate of the day.

一:Bank tansfer,please provide:

1.quarkscm account(夸克账号)

2..account name(开户名)

3.bank of deposit(开户行,细到支行)

4.account number(银行卡号)

5.identity card number(开户人的身份证号)

二:Alipay tansfer,please provide:

1. quarkscm account(夸克账号)

2. alipay account name(支付宝账户名)

3. alipay account(支付宝账号)

Note:The withdrawal process is complicated and takes about a week.Please be patient,thank you.