1. Why I can not see the price on the website?

A: First you have to register, and then login in your account to see the prices!
Registered address: https://www.quarkscm.cn/register.html

Note: Quarkscm.cn and Quarkscm.com account and password are same.

2. What is the total price of the product?

A: The price displayed on the specific product page is the product cost price. And if you check the Worldwide Dropshipping Cost it will show the total amount including = the item cost + handling fee + shipping fee charged by Quarkscm.

3. How to choose inventory?

A: It is recommended to select stock above 5 items. Once we reach deep cooperation, we will send you the stock of the products you have uploaded to your online store.

4. Is there a limit to downloading product SPU packages

A: Yes, the average user limit is 3000SPU/month. QK will adjust user's downloading limit according to user sales performance, the adjustment range is 3000

5. What is the price currency derived from the product package?

A: The currency currently exported is US dollars, regardless which marketing excel sample you are using.

6.How to set the gross profit, marketing fee, discounts, etc. when downloading the data package?

7.After recharging, how to confirm the recharge is successful?

A: After recharging, please send a screenshot and your quarkscm account to service@quarkscm.com or contact QQ: 2851823644

Note: RMB recharge, currently supports real-time recharge. For more details, please refer to 13th step.

8. How to check the shipping cost, timeliness and other issues? And how to choose a logistics method?

A: On the specific product page, you can see all the logistics methods available.

  • In the shipping Method column, the parameters consist of three parts, the last part is the timeliness of logistics, the time limit of overseas warehouse products may be 1-2 more days, due to local weather or holidays issues.
  • In the Shipping Cost column, you can see the shipping cost.
  • According to the store platform, whether it is online, logistics time, freight and other factors to choose logistics.

9. Why is the downloaded product package 0?

A: Indicate that the product inventory you selected is 0, or the product is a branded product and is not authorized.

10. What if the product is not authorized?

A: I can't add the product to the shopping cart. It is a problem that the product is not authorized. What should I do?
In this case, you need to apply for a brand license. Click "OK" to enter the brand authorization application interface.
A. Fill in the company information
B. Choose the brand you need to authorize
C. Click Apply to complete the application.
D. Waiting for the application result (working days 1-2 days)

11. How to cancel an order?

A: If you cancel the order in the moderated process, path: My Account--Moderated Order--Remove
If the order is paid, the status is upshipped, and you would like to cancel it, please contact customer service firstly via LIVE CHAT. And after it was canceled successfully, please go to the specific orders to make an after-sale application, path: My Account--My Order--Specific Orders--View Orders--After Sales Apply. Processing time is 1-3 working days.

12. What kind of payment method does the quark website accept?

A: Currently only account balance payments are accepted.

13. How to recharge a quark account?

A: The recharge method is as follows:
My Account-Account Balance.
Three types of recharge: US dollar recharge, you can choose Hong Kong HSBC or Payoneer; RMB recharge, you can choose Alipay recharge,

Please check the specific values on this page for the exchange rate. Please refer to the relevant page for more details: https://www.quarkscm.com/customer/balance

Note: RMB recharge, currently supports real-time recharge. Methods as below:
A. Log in to Quarkscm Chinese Site (login with English account and password), https://www.quarkscm.cn/

B. Enter personal account - recharge - enter the recharge amount (40 US dollars to charge) - complete the QR code payment

C. There may be some delay in syncing recharge.

14. What is the product inventory?

A: Product inventory is up-to-date.

15. How about warranty and return?

A: Please refer to this page: Click here

16. How to place orders on Quarkscm?

A. Place an order by adding to cart
Go to the specific product page, Add To Cart--Proceed to Pay--Select Address--Logistics--fill in your original order number--fill in the payment password--Place Order Now, you can complete the order.

B. Place Multi-Order
My Account--Place Multi-Order--Download Excel Sample--Choose File--Upload And Preview.
Note: In the Excel Sample form, simply fill in the data in the green form - Quarkscm.com, where the yellow part is required.

Note: In the Excel Sample form, simply fill in the data in the green sheet - Quarkscm.com, where the yellow part is required.