About Quarkscm

Benefits for Drop shipping

1.Conduct Business in a Risk-free Way

Drop shippers do not necessarily need inventory. You just need to place Order when you need and this usually occurs when you receive payment from your customer. Moreover, we do not have a limitation for MOQ, which means you can order even 1 pc from us.

2. High Efficiency and Low Cost

Drop shippers can choose whatever products they like and download product images and descriptions even at your fingertips. What’s more, drop shippers do not need to recruit buyer team, build warehouse, introduce logistic company.You can save money and energy by doing drop shipping.

3. Professional in Business

Since drop shippers do not need to worry about products, inventory, shipping and logistics, they can decide on marketing, sales and service. This will help them be professional in their business and build competitive edge. What’s more,they can care their customers in a better way.

Why Choose Quarkscm.com?

Quark means the smallest element for atom, and SCM is the abbreviation for “supply chain management”.Quarkscm.com is contriving to provide drop shippers with multiple products from multiple warehouses via multiple logistic channels. This is the long-term objective of Quarkscm.com and will be also the main competitive edge. Buying from Quarkscm.com,you can enjoy the benefits below:

1. Low price plus 1%-4% dropship discount

Quarkscm.com, by integrating supply network of key manufacturers and agencies, has been a leading company in China’s B2C export

2.Comprehensive Data for Business Analysis

Drop shippers can enjoy data including inventory, sales, sales forecast, price, only have to judge what kind of products to sell. Also,drop shippers can choose from our over 1000 well-chosen logistic channels to ensure quick delivery and low shipping cost.

3.First-rate Product Description and Image

To help customers, we provide them with delicately written descriptions and clear, high-definition product image to ensure most accurate information overview. For each category, we have professional photographers and editors who not only have photographic or writing ability, but they also have strong understanding about our products.

4. Wide Range Products

We present our customers with over 20 categories,including more than 100,000 products. Those products are chosen from our wide range product inventory which is more than 200,000. We chose products based on their qualities, attributes, sales record, stock status and customers’ profit.This will greatly save our customers’ time.

5.24-hours Shipping and Fast Delivery

As we mentioned above, all products sold on oursite are chosen according to their inventory status etc. Besides those, we have a 7*24 running ordering processing team. This makes most of those orders can be processed within 24 hours. We have over 1000 logistic channels to send your orders to over 100 countries all over the world. And for each product to a specific country, we can offer you the best logistic channel recommended by our big data system.

6. StrictQuality Assurance

The quality of our products is assured by those following facts:  

Firstly, over 30% of those products are from renowned brands like Huawei, DJI, Xiaomi, Lenovo etc.
Secondly, over 60% of the products are from factories with strict quality inspection team.
Thirdly, we have a QC team of over 30 QC specialists.We follow our strict quality inspection process.
Fourthly, we monitor the quality data of each product.And when a product is below the quality
Standard, we’ll immediately remove them from our site and request our supplier to analyze the cause and improve the quality. Only when this process is finished can we list them on our site again.

7. Free API System

We employ API docking technology to guarantee successful end-to-end system integration with our platform to provide you with real-time update.

8. Importbulk orders on drop shipping center

We suggest customers to upload products via csvor excel in their account.

Operation Process

You can find the product and sell them on your website or stores 
You can just choose products as per your understanding,interests or by the data we share. Then you can download product information, and list those products on your website or online store.

Place order with us

Once you have filled your store with the products you want, your business begins. And when your customer submits an order, you can login to your quarkscm account and order the corresponding products at a specially reduced drop shipping price.

We ship products directly to your customer

We’ll immediately handle your order once it’s paid.Please take it easy that most of the
Best-selling products are in stock and this is the main reason that we can ship orders within 24 hours.
We are responsible for checking,packing and shipping the products directly to your customers. You never have to deal with storage fees, packaging costs or labor overheads.

You continuously sell and profit

Quarkscm will always be your premier one-stop platform to help to build and grow your business with. Start up your own business with minimal capital and risk. Sell again and again, making profitevery time.