Quarkscm Listing

Please listing goods for no brand and enough stock.

1.Please search Keywords, SKU Search as you like.   (Search: DA102WEU In Quarkscm.com)
2.Please search product by Category, 
3.Photo, please download Listing and open image URL, then right click and download photos, do not download photo in listing page.
4.Product title:please add some keywords in tile and make sure it easy to ready for native speaker.
5.SKU is Unique in Quarkscm. 
SPU is Parent of SKU.  Like: SPU: G1136GR;  SKU: G1136GR-S,  G1136GR-M,  G1136GR-L,  G1136GR-XL
Reseller can Create SSKU , which is related to Quarkscm SKU. 
( If you need to Market a different according Supplier or Market. Please create SSKU like PA0021-QS, PA0021-amz )

7.Stock: It is change timely as those skus are  hot sale, please make sure to update your online listing stock timely. 
We can not shipping goods out as stock is 0, if it is restock in 3 days, we can shipping goods 3 days later.  
8.Brand:Please take online store brand authorized.before listing Quarkscm.com Listing, if not you may meet problem of brand.
9.Item Cost is very important. we have normal price, VIP price, Please click "Estimate Order Cost" to check quarkscm Price = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee
10.Warehouse: we have 10 warehouse: China, Unite States, Unite Kingdom, German, France, Spain, Italy, Russian 
Freedom, Australia, Japan. 
11.Shipping out time: Mostly we shipping goods in 24 hours,  we suggested you writed 3 days in your online store.
12. Color It is better to upload a photo in your online store listing. 
13. Plug: if a listing have many types, so that customer can have more choice for that listing.
14. Order Quantity, When you add to cart and the place a simple order.
15. If you need quarkscm shipping goods to your online store customer please Click "Add it to Cart", that is just for one order,
if you need to make a order list please sign in and click "Place Mult Order" and upload order list accouding quarkscm order list sample.Okw
16, Add to Wishlist:  Please add product to your wishlist ad you like and  sign in our account and click "My Product", to download Product list as you like.
17.The similar product you may like it.
18. Desctription of Product, including product function and use manual and product data and product photo. and so on
19. Please click "Estimate Order Cost" to check quarkscm Price = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee,   there are more , like Market price and Profit price and Reseller Discount price.
20. Please clike "Payment" to check detail of payment and you can also recharge you Quarkscm account by Paypal
21. Package weight, Length, Width and High are in the product description.
22. Product details and product photoes 
23. If you need more help, Please click help.

2.Search Product 
 It is really Great to search 200000 Listing with 20 Categories in Quarkscm.com. 


1.How I can search product in Quarkscm.com ?
Solution 1:  Please search Keywords, SKU Search. 
Solution 2:  Advance search by Category, Warehouse and Marketing.
Solution 3:  Each Quarkscm Listing have Similar items. 
Solution 4:  Quarkscm have some Promotion in the home page,
Solution 5:  We can sent you new hot Listing bey email newsletter. Please send your email to Quarkscm Newsletter.

2.How can I create SKU only for reseller online store ? 
Yes, Please Create SSKU like PA0021-QS, PA0021-amz. Please Listing your Online Store SKU and Order sku is the same as Quarkscm.com. 

3.I can not search product in Quarkscm ?
Solution 1:  Please search Product use keyword.
Solution 2:  Please search Product by Categories.
Solution 3:  Please email us What product you are need.

4.How can I use Russian Vision or Spain or France or Italy or Japaneses of German and so on ?
Solution 1:  Please click English on the left top head.  
Solution 2:  Please use online translation tool to translated
Solotion 3:  Please translate it by yourself.

3.  Download Product 

How Can I download Quarkscm product List.
Step 1:  Please search product in quarkscm.com and add it to wishlist. and sign in and click "My product" and check my product.
Step 2:  Please select  product  and click Confirm select. then choice shipping method.
Step 3:  Please make sure Market fee, reseller profit are write number, and then click "Download", and chect download list below.Quarkscm Listing download excel sample is contain, SKU, SPU, Warehouse, Stock, Image, Variation, Product Name, Product Image, 
Product description, Product attributions, Item cost, Shipping cost, Shipping Method, your Profit.
Reseller Price is relate to SKU, Market, Warehouse, Shipping to Country and Shipping method. 

1. How I can download photo ?
Solution 1: Download photo by image URL 
Solution 2: Download photo by Quarkscm image Tool, which it plan to develop for you. 
Solution 3: Download photo by Quarkscm Listing Page. 

2. How can I update my online store listing stock?  
Solution 1:  Search sku in Quarkscm.com, and check available Stock, It is better to update stock of every listing every day. 
Solution 2:  Please Use Quarkscm Product listing SKU, SPU Warehouse and Stock to update your online store stock in time. 
Solution 3:  Please API to refresh stock of a large number of stock in time. 
Solution 4:  Use online store API token to update your stock in time, like Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress, Wish, Ebay, Walmart, Cdiscount...

3. How Can  I update Reseller Price? 
Step 1:  Sign in your account and add your Favorite item in the wishlist.
Step 2:  Set your Market and profit and reseller Price then Downlaod all SKU as you needed.
Step 3:  Please fill Quarkscm data in Wish Listing Update Sample. 
If you need Wish Listing update sample, We will update later. And shopify, amazon, aliexpress, lazada, Cdiscount.... 

4. Listing Product  to Online Store.                        

1.Home >>  MY Account   >>   Wishlist   >>  Download 

Quarkscm Listing download Sample is contain, SKU, SPU, Warehouse, Stock, Image, Variation, Product Name, Product Image, 
Product description, Product attributions, Item cost, Shipping cost, Shipping Method, your Profit.

1.How to upload Product in Wish?
Step 1. Sign in Quarkscm.com and Search sku in quarkscm.com  and  add to wishlist and download Sku information, Please set price as your wish.
Step 2. Past download Sku in Quarkscm sheet, and  add SKU in  "A" Column, autofile Sku infromation and please finish others cell by search sku in quarkscm.
Step 3. Open Wish Sheet and save as CSV or UNTF-8.  
Step 4. Please re open wish sheet and deleted "SPU Variant"  than uplaod in wish.
(if you need Wish Listing sample  please servise@quarkscm.com  QQ:2885542041)

2.. I want to update list to Wish, Shopify, Amazon. what can I do for it?
Step 1:  Sign in your account and add your favorite item in the wishlist.
Step 2:  Set your Market and profit and reseller Price then Download all SKU as you needed.
Step 3:  Please fill Quarkscm data in Wish Listing Update Sample. 
If you need Wish Listing update sample, We will update later. And Shopify, amazon, Aliexpress, Lazada, Cdiscount...


3.How I can choice logistic when I listing product on 3rd marketing like Amazon, Aliexpress, Lazada, CDiscount ?
Step 1:  Please make Sure what logistic is needed in your online store.
Step 2:  Please check list of Quarkscm Market Shipping Method.
Step 3:  Please make sure your selling SKU is have those Shipping Method.

5. Price    (Market Price | Change price | Adjust price )   

Quarkscm Price ( US$8.99 ) = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee 
Market Price    ( US$10.86 )   = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee + Market fee 
Profit Price      ( US$12.44 )   = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee + Market fee + Insurance + Reseller Profit
Discount Price    = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee + Market fee + Insurance + Reseller Profit + Reseller Discount 
1.Reseller is only need to pay Quarkscm Price ( US$8.99 ) to Quarkscm.  
2.Buyer will pay Profit price  ( US$10.86 ) as you had write in your listing page and Reseller profit ( US$1.87) is for you.
3.Now if you set Reseller Discount 50% and Reseller Profit 15%, so you can discount 50% to buyer and you still have 15% Profit.)


1. How to make eBay Reseller Price ?   (Like: eBay market fee 15%) 
Solution 1: Lowest Market Price = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee + Package Marital Cost + Market fee + Insurance + Reseller Profit
Solution 2: The Biggest Discount Price = Item Cost + Shipping Cost + Handing fee + Package Marital Cost + Market fee + Insurance + 
Reseller Profit + The Biggest Reseller Discount 

2. How to get Logistic price and set Aliexpress Shipping template, as it is shipping to worldwide ?
Step 1:  30% Aliexpress buyer is from Russian Federation. 
Step 2:  Russian Federation is stander price , We can do some discount for other country according Logistic Price.
Step 3:  Please do not shipping packages to small islands, as it is easy to lost packages in transfer. 
It is better idea to learning how to set Aliexpress Shipping template in Aliexpresss Online university. And the same as other selling marketing.  

3. Why I can not check price ?
Solution 1:  Please use your email retested in Quarkscm and sign in.