How-to Place Order on Quarkscm

1.Put(Dropshipper) Quarkscm products information on your webstores Like Amazon, eBay, Wish...
2. Customer pays items for a normal price, for insane, $30 in drop shipper webstore.
3. Forward the order and pay for a discounted price, for insane, $25 to Quarkscm.
4. Quarkscm sends the ordered goods to the customer without any information about Quarkscm.
Drop shipping is really like having your own store but without having to do stock management. Profit is growing day by day.
Monthly Sale Benifit : $3000= 20 Order per Day x $5 (= $30 - $25) x 30 Days.

1. Forward your order and Quarkscm ships it to your customer.

Congratulations: You have some orders today!


1. How to upload order list to Quarkscm, as I am Amazon reseller? (such as Aliexpress, Wish, eBay, Walmart, Cdiscount)
Step 1: Please download your Amazon order list
Step 2. Please Register in and sign in with your account,
Step 3. Please click "Place Multi-Order" and download Quarkscm Order List excel sample and fill your online store order info in it and upload that file again.
Step 4. Please click "Account Balance" and recharge your account Balance. 3 ways to recharge your account.
Step 5: Please click "Moderated Order" and make payment for your order list.
Step 6. Please click "My order" and download an online tracking number and upload it in your webstore.

2. How many ways I can place Amazon orders on Quarkscm?
Solution 1: Place small order step by step: add to cart >> Check order >> Pay it Now.
Solution 2: Use Quarkscm order Sample to upload to your Quarkscm account.
Solution 3: Use API to create order and please follow API technology support.

Quarkscm Order sample includes Order No., Shipping address, SKU information, and etc. If you need to calculate your profit,
please upload the sale amount. If you need to recheck which store those orders belong to, please fill market and store name.

1. How could I change the logistic of my order?
Solution 1: Sign in and go to "Moderated order", search order ID and change shipping method one by one.
Solution 2: Please upload your order list again, but you need to cancel your last order firstly.
Solution 3: If your shipping method in order list is not available, Quarkscm would help to choose the shipping method at the lowest price.

2. Upload Tracking Number.
Please click "Moderated Order" and make payment for your order list.


1. How can I divide my order into multiple packages?
Solution 1: Please upload your order list again, and cancel your last order.
Solution 2:Quarkscm would divide your order according to warehouse, as we have 3 warehouses in China, 3 warehouses in the USA.

2. How I can save shipping fee?
Solution 1: Please sell items which are less 2 Kg, and use China registered Air Mail.
Solution 2: Please divide 2 orders if your order is over 2 Kg.
Solution 3: Please use cheap logistic, but please choose registered air mail in case online tracking is working.

3. Upload Tracking Number to your online store.

Please click "My orders", download online tracking number, and upload it to your website

1. Market and Store name is related to your order list uploaded before, which is necessary for you to recheck order and store name.
2. Order No. and shipping method and tracking No. are needed.


1. How can I upload tracking information?
Step 1: Sign in and use Quarkscm order sample to create order in your account.
Step 2: Please check the order before confirming the payment.
Step 3: Please fill in the online store tracking number of your order.

2. How can I track my order online?
Solution 1: Please track most registered Air Mail by using these websites:

3. How I Can cancel my order?
Solution 1: If you had not to pay your order, please cancel your order in your Quarkscm account directly.
Solution 2: If you had pay it and Quarkscm is ready to ship out. Please contact Skype: tomtop192